Benn Fraker is heading to Beijing for the 2008 summer Olympics!


Benn Fraker is heading to Beijing, China to compete in the 2008 Summer Olympics!  Benn competes in the C1 (one man canoe) whitewater slalom.

Benn was born young, and his youth lasted until he was 12. Then he began to train.  He skipped his teens and went right to 20.  The next 7 years was a progressive series of bad haircuts and colors (the current being long and black). He acheived most goals, with a few near misses, until finally he made the Olympic team.  This goal was achieved in a year when the Olympics might as well be on another planet. 

Benn and his family would like to thank everyone for their support. 

Please enjoy browsing this website.  The site is continously being updated.  Be sure to check back frequently for more info, pics,and updates on Benn as we get closer to the Olympic games.